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From nationwide deployment, and server & storage installation services, to remote work services, with our help, you will have a highly efficient and durable system in place.

Making IT Happen

Nationwide Deployment Services

ICT Services has more IT deployment resources in Ireland than any other company. With our team of over 80 engineers and Logistics resources we have Ireland, and your IT requirements, covered.

Prompt ResponseHardware & Software Rollouts

Server & Storage Installation Services

These are highly specialised skills, honed over many years. Our engineers are all vendor-certified and highly experienced ensuring that even your most complex Server and Storage installations will be deployed on schedule.

We can rack & stack, cable, upgrade, expand, deploy or configure either single or multiple device solutions as required.

Whether it’s Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Area Network (SAN), or a hybrid hyper-converged platform, we can help you design, install and configure your storage solution. If your current storage solution/infrastructure isn’t meeting your performance requirements or is about to exceed its storage capacity, we can also assist you with expanding your existing solution or migrating to another platform altogether should that be required.

Experts when it comes to rack & stackWe handle all kinds of installation

Client Installation

Talk to ICT about Windows PC deployment, Thin-Client environment, and other Client-related deployment services. Our solutions are designed to assist with the deployment and configuration of new Client systems utilising network-based methodologies to deliver efficiencies of scale.

Optimised Deployment Planning

This This service is delivered by our process experts who can identify any possible improvements that may apply to your organisation to drive greater efficiency in your current deployment process(es).

We understand your goalsOn-Site IT Infrastructure Assessment

 Over 80 Expert Field Engineers Ready to be Deployed at a Moment’s Notice.

Pre-Delivery Staging Services

Prior to the physical installation of the equipment, ICT can assist with Project Planning, Configuration, Build Testing & Validation, Inventory/Asset Management, Storage, and Dispatch.

Data Centre Relocation

Do you need to move your live production server and storage environment from one datacentre to another? ICT has both the skills and, more importantly, the real-world experience, to assist our customers to relocate their data centres locally in Ireland and across Europe.

Project Management

However daunting an IT Deployment Project may seem, you can rest assured that ICT Services has done it all before and our expertise is available to guide you.

Secure Storage

ICT Services has a secure, monitored 14,000 sq ft. state-of-the-art storage and deployment facility in Dublin, with regional offices in Belfast and Cork and nine parts hubs around the country.

Logistics Services

The key to efficient logistics and keychain management is planning, and good planning comes from experience which is something ICT Services has in abundance.

Custom Configuration

From our dedicated high-volume production workshop in ICT House, we can provide a complete Custom Configuration including Asset Labelling, BIOS changes, custom hardware upgrades, and large-scale OS deployments across both Client and Enterprise systems. We can capture and deploy your build at scale using a variety of industry-standard delivery methodologies.

Asset Management

ICT Services will take care of your IT assets, making it easy for you to identify, track, secure and recover your hardware whenever you need to.

Network Infrastructure

Router, Switch, Access Point, Firewall installation/deployment and configuration by our industry-certified engineers.


In the new remote world, the standard office environment has changed. The move away from the centralised office has impacted how IT teams work and the level of hands-on control they have over specific devices, meaning our customers may now need more help in remote locations. This is where ICT’s Remote User Setup service comes in, which extends support from the office environment into the remote home workspace.

ICT has technical experts nationwide, who can become an extension of the customer’s on-site support teams. This service has been developed to help answer some of the challenges this new way of working creates, including on- and off-boarding of staff, which is something we would have taken for granted pre-COVID.

As some people are virtual from the interview stage to their induction there is a need for delivery and installation of equipment as well as removal when needed. The new remote working world sometimes restricts these teams with the challenges it brings. While the majority of our customers’ staff are working remotely now, even when life gets back to normal, there will still be a large part of customers’ users who will choose to continue to work remotely.

Let’s Work Together

ICT Services is your trusted IT partner. We will take care of your IT deployment strategy, ensuring experienced and accredited ICT engineers with the appropriate skills complete your installations quickly and efficiently giving you, your teams, and your customers immediate access to new assets.

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