SME Consultancy

The modern business environment is conducive for small to medium-sized enterprises. SME Consultancy competition is fierce but the potential for growth is high. If you don’t have a solid system and infrastructure in place, you won’t last against your competition. We at ICT Services will help you set up and maintain highly efficient IT infrastructure for your company.

SME Consultancy Hardware and Hosted Solutions

Whether your hardware is onsite or bring hosted in a data centre it is the backbone of all modern businesses because it allows you to run various software tools, store your data, and connect to the Internet and therefore your customers and associates. It’s vital to have a solid hardware infrastructure in place that is well maintained, monitored and modern. Here at ICT Services we can help you with that.

  • We will assess your current infrastructure and recommend changes and upgrades that would improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Our procurement experts will recommend hardware systems that would work for your company based on your requirements and budget.

Software Solutions

If you want to utilise the full potential of your hardware and make the day-to-day business operations quick and easy to handle, you should choose the right software. Our experienced engineers can help and here’s how:

We will recommend the best software and operating systems for your business to ensure all your processes run smoothly and essential tasks get done on time.
Our procurement experts after consulting with you and our engineers, will recommend software and cloud services that would not only work for your company but be solutions that are able to grow with you.

SME Consultancy


Our rollout and deployment services are well-planned and executed. We discuss your requirements, gain an understanding of your current business and direction with you during our first meeting which allows us to recommend the best fitting software, services and hardware systems your business would need. Our expert engineers then get to work and find the best solutions for you. Upon approval, we explain the timeline for all deliverables start the deployment and rollout process.

We can deploy anywhere in Ireland because we have 9 offices and over 80 field engineers across the country. This allows us to establish IT systems in different branches across the nation at the same time. You will experience less downtime and your business would be ready to go in a shorter period of time. We also provide a dedicated manager to all our clients so they can stay in contact and monitor the progress easily.

Our SME Consultancy services are well thought-out and comprehensive as our goal is to be the one-stop solution to all IT infrastructure requirements. We offer reliable and consistent services that won’t disrupt your business.

If you want to know more about our services or have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at ICT Services. You can contact us through the contact form or call the relevant numbers listed on the contact us page.

Let us call you.

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