Remote Support Services

At ICT Services, we have dedicated on-site IT support teams that can visit your business location and perform repairs. This allows them to physically assess the problem and fix the issue themselves. On many occasions a site visit may not be necessary and your issue could be resolved with remote support more quickly and efficiently. We offer excellent remote support services that allow our engineers to determine the problem and resolve it, perform maintenance, and offer troubleshooting advice from a remote location. They don’t need to visit your business location to get the job done.

What’s Included In Our Remote Support Service?

You’ll be surprised at how much we can achieve through remote assistance. Many business owners believe that only on-site visits can fix problems in IT systems but sometimes remote assistance is not just as effective but also leads to faster resolutions. Here’s what you can expect from our remote support services:

  • Remote Client and Server Support – Our remote support teams are highly skilled and efficient. They understand how to communicate with clients and efficiently and methodically work with you on resolving your IT issue. Our experts are well-trained and have the latest knowledge of technology, software, and hardware so they’ll provide the most effective solutions possible. We can handle everything from server to workstation malfunctions through remote support easily.
  • Remote Monitoring of Client and Critical Systems – We can keep an eye on your critical systems and IT infrastructure to spot potential problems early. This allows us to warn you of the potential repairs and conduct essential maintenance to keep the system healthy. We install a set of tools in your workstations and servers that provide us with detailed information about the system’s health. This is a proactive step to help avoid major failures and breakdowns in the future.

Remote Support Services

Why Should You Choose Remote Support Service?

Remote services are an effective way to handle IT problems. While some issues can only be handled by on-site visits, one of our remote support engineers will attempt to resolve your issue remotely and if needed dispatch a field engineer. Here are some major advantages of this service.

  • Secure – While the monitoring and repairs are conducted through the Internet, your system is still very secure. We establish an encrypted connection with your servers and workstations using trusted industry leading tools and services.
  • Fast response and Resolution – Our remote engineers will respond to your call as per agreed SLAs and offer the best possible solutions for your problem. This ensures the issue is resolved quickly and your users and system experience the least amount of disruption and downtime as possible.
  • Cost Effective – You don’t have to deal with call out costs with this service. The remote engineer will ask you a set of questions and assess the system before repairing it. They’ll only recommend a field engineer if they can’t repair the problem online.

If you want to know more about our services or have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at ICT Services. You can contact us through the contact form or call the relevant numbers listed on the contact us page.

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