Ensure Your Companies Safety Against Online Threats

As companies continue to shift away from traditional office spaces, they depend on solutions that enable them to do business seamlessly while keeping their employees identities and data secure across locations and devices. ICT offers the perfect package to get your workplace running smoothly.

Get to know Microsoft 365 Business Premium – a product created specifically for organizations with less than 300 employees. Better security, improved collaboration, all in one place. Eager to secure your digital workplace? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Our Benefits

Defend Against Threats

Your top security threat today can be summarized in one word: phishing. For most smaller businesses, between 90-98 percent of all cyber attacks start with phishing scam. Todays phishing attacks are getting more advanced every day so it pays to have experts in security on your side.

Easily Secure & Manage Devices

It’s a full-time job just keeping track of how your computers, phones and tablets are all being managed, secured, and knowing what data is moving from Point A to Point B. No matter where you and your devices & data go you can be sure that you’re protected 24/7 365.

Due For An Upgrade?

Moving to Microsoft 365 Business Premium is simple and easy. It provides everything a hybrid work space needs from terrabytes of storage space with OneDrive to an all-in-one communication tool in Teams.

Protect Business Data

Every business has information it doesn’t want exposed online. Whether it’s customer & client data or important financial records you need to have a top flight security system to protect it and Microsoft 365 Business Premium offers the perfect suite of tools to do just that.

What Our Customers Say

“ICT Services have supported Woodies for the past 10 years across our 35 stores nationwide and all our end user client and Infrastructure environment. We find ICT Services to be highly dependable to resolving IT issues with their in-depth knowledge of all aspects of IT, which they deliver 24 hours a day.“

“ICT Services has consistently delivered support to our organisation in a prompt and efficient manner. They provide a very professional service and are always available. They are a highly organisation that is always prepared to go the extra mile in order to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.”

“For over 20 years ICT Services have been our sole supplier for managing and maintaining our IT Infrastructure. The skill, expertise and experience of their engineers and other technical support personnel are of the highest standard.”

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