Expert Dispatch and Field Side Services

If you want to succeed in business, you need to keep your IT system up and running at all times and expert dispatch and field side services are needed to ensure that happens.. Modern businesses are heavily reliant on their IT systems and hardware; even a small breakdown can lead to loss in revenue and inconvenience to customers. Most companies spend a significant amount to money to maintain their IT systems at peak efficiency. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to anticipate IT problems, as they can occur unexpectedly. In such situations, we at ICT Services can help.

Our Dispatch Services

If an IT problem crops up unexpectedly, all that your employees have to do is give us a call. Our dispatch experts will provide excellent desk-side service and assistance. They will help your employees resolve the problem quickly and effectively.

Our dispatch staff can communicate very well and will explain the resolution process to your employees clearly. With our help, your employees will be able to resolve problems quickly and continue their respective tasks. IT problems won’t cause a major roadblock and stall your company operations.

Field Side Services

ICT field side services dispatch a qualified engineer to your location. Our desk-side support team will help you resolve the problem without assistance, but sometimes special expertise and equipment is needed to fix the issue. We have a network of over 80 engineers all over Ireland and they can reach your location quickly to handle the problem.

Once the job is accepted and our engineer is alerted, they can be at your location in 2 hours. Our engineers are present in various locations across Ireland; you can call us for assistance at any time and be assured of a prompt response. This ensures your operations won’t come to a complete standstill, and your business resumes quickly.

Field Side Services


You have several options to set up a maintenance relationship with us. We offer solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs and the needs of your business. You can discuss these options with us and figure out which solutions work best for you.

  • Per-Call Model – In this model, you can pay us for every call you make. This is suitable for small companies with limited IT infrastructure and very few problems. All you need to do is call us every time your system is down or has a problem and we’ll charge you for that particular call.
  • Per-Incident Model – In this model, we charge you by the incident. For example, if your server is down, you might be forced to make multiple calls to our dispatch office. Under the per-call model, you’ll have to pay for every call you make. On the other hand, under the per-incident model, you can pay us for that particular server breakdown incident.
  • Maintenance Contracts – This is a great option for a business with a sophisticated IT system and many units. You can hire us on a contractual basis and let us handle all of your IT troubles, from maintenance to upgrades and installations.

So, what are you waiting for? Just give us a call today or contact us and we’ll keep your IT system up and running at all times.

Let us call you.

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